Note: Due to the earlier lockdown the last "balkonthon" was on the 16th May.

The Basel Dance-Marathon, planned for the 14th of March, had to be postponed indefinitely due to the restrictions imposed by the government during the current emergency situation.  To counteract the crisis, and promote community solidarity, the dance studio LA ROSA and SUD - two Basel cultural venues  – have organised an alternative project. 



The idea:

At first daily at the same time, and then most probably weekly, we shall dance the short choreography “We will survive” to the music of “I will survive” from Gloria Gaynor, on our balconies and house forecourts. (while preserving  “physical distancing”, of course). “We will survive” shall be a sign of social solidarity, a call to hold through and keep up the hope of conquering the crisis. And a sign of gratitude to all those who face extraordinary challenges and perform under great pressure.  

How it works:

  • Learn the short choreography of “We will survive” by following the teaching video on this website, ideally with other persons in your household. You can even dance it in a reduced version, sitting on a chair.

  • Clear a little space on your balcony (or your house forecourt).

  • Practice the dance with the music of the song “I will survive” from Gloria Gaynor. We recommend the 3.16-minute-version, e.g. from the official Youtube video clip. The song can be accessed on all your usual online services (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes etc.)

  • Dance and enjoy “We Will Survive”, for the first time on 13. April at 7.15 pm, and each following day of that week  and the week after, on your balcony (with a little distance from the rail) or in your garden. If you like, get someone to take a photo of you dancing and share with #balkonthon. The «dancing for the future» team is also on Facebook and Instagram!

  • Starting from the 27. April we will only dance on Saturdays, also 7.15 pm. Until the last Saturday before the end of the lockdown.

  • Lastly, share the link to our Website with all your friends, family and acquaintances.


We dance every week, as long as the emergency situation persists. 



Idea & Concept: Tanzstudio LA ROSA & SUD, Basel

Choreography:  Larissa Wyss, Tina Wyss


Video-Montage: «STREEWISE STUDIO», Basel


Balkonthon video

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